Tegoder Dense Firm Pack 250ml

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  • Tegoder Dense Firm Pack 250ml
  • Tegoder Dense Firm Pack 250ml


Delay the biological clock of your skin

With age, and directly associated with different factors (diet, pregnancy, weight loss or gain, hormonal changes ...), significant changes in the skin of our body occur slowly but progressively: loss of density and firmness, sagging, dehydration ... 
The Densefirm line is developed to maintain and recover the lost skin density and firmness, how ?: promoting the elaboration of the structural and fundamental support elements in the skin (collagen, elastin, etc.) taking them to corresponding values ​​at lower ages , that is, delaying the biological clock of the skin.


It stimulates the formation of the structural and support elements of the skin and keeps them perfectly united, with which a greater firmness and dermal density is achieved. Densefirm is especially indicated for application on thighs, arms, buttocks, abdomen and breasts.


A careful search for quality, effective and innovative active principles for the development of a line that delays the biological clock, however, ahead of time. 
- Phytoestrogens : molecules from plants with a chemical structure very similar to estrogens that help regulate the estrogenic decrease directly associated with the loss of density and firmness in the skin, derived from the passage of time. 
- Collagen and elastin biopeptides that allow to improve the integrity of the cutaneous tissue, restructure in depth and invigorate the

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